October 21, 2014

Small Steps That Feel Big

These pieces were made back in August and I took them with me on my trip to Seattle in September. A few of them ended up with friends, and some of them, along with some other work, ended up at Les Amis, a beautiful boutique in Seattles Fremont neighborhood.

I've loved this shop for over 15 years, and way before I ever started making jewelry, I would go in there and drool over their jewelry case.  Whenever I'm in town I drag my friends with me to go check out what's new and try on some beautiful jewelry.  I always had this secret little wish, that if I ever made jewelry that I would LOVE to be in that store...And now here we are, and it feels amazing to know that something I made is sitting on those glass shelves next to artists I have admired for years. It feels "grown up" and professional, like I'm on the path, like maybe this really work out, that I'm making it happen.  It's not just that my work is in that store, but that all the hours of the actual making of the jewelry, the little bits of myself I put into this whole process, the goals I have of expanding, are actually happening.  There's so much emotionally invested in the process of being an artist, and I still have a hard time really calling myself an artist.  For anyone who makes anything, and puts it "out there", we are also putting our feelings, our vision, our money, our time and our souls "out there" to be looked at, judged, and hopefully loved by other people.  SO, when something like this happens and you cross a milestone, one you set for yourself so many years ago, one that you never really even said out loud, however small it may seem, it feels damn good.

Thanks for listening,

October 20, 2014

Catching Up

Hello! It's been way too long~Life happens, there are beaches to go to and waves to play in, and vacations to take! It's incredible how time just keeps on tickin' and before you know it, I haven't posted in ages, and I've got boatloads of new/old work to share.  If you're on Instagram, chances are you've seen the work I'll be sharing here and in the next couple posts.  This space has kind of become a journal, or what will eventually be a history of this time in my life.  Often I think I write these posts for myself in future, so I can remember what I was doing, thinking, making, and feeling.  

So, here we have some of my favorite pieces this year.  Chunky, bold bracelets that show off some pretty spectacular specimens of turquoise.  I hope the ladies who wear these can feel the love I put into them...Sometimes I miss my favorite pieces when they find homes, but then I think about how much someone else might love them, and that's even better! 

August 24, 2014


Iced coffee, ocean breeze, view of the surf, salty air, good company, the best french fries I've had in years, people watching, daydreaming...

Another lovely day in paradise~
Happy Sunday!

August 17, 2014

Park Vibes...

Under the shade of a tree, ocean breeze in our hair, we lounged and lazed and talked and listened to the sounds of the Hawaiian guitar festival in the distance...

Happy Sunday!

July 2, 2014


From last week:

I finally got my paws on a saw from Green Lion Studios! To be honest I've had the same rusty saw frame since I took my first smithing class.  I'm so exited to use this baby, all reports from sister smiths are overwhelmingly positive.   

My package was complete with stickers with inspirational power quotes on them...just the perfect messages at the perfect time.  Good mail day indeed.

June 25, 2014

Small Moments

It's the little things in life that make all the difference.  

Like salty skin and sandy feet...
Simple signs if a life well lived and loved.

Happy Thursday!

June 7, 2014

Just a Few Words

Im a thinker...
Probably, scratch that, definitely an over- thinker.  Today I choose ease, peace, happiness, love, calm, fun, beauty, patience, and certainty. I'm leaving all the rest where it belongs, in the past. 

A new friend shared a very simple and powerful thought with me this week, at exactly the moment I need to hear it..."love is all around us"

Simple, powerful, and beautiful.  What these few words mean to you may be quite different than what they mean to me, or the person sitting next to you. I LOVE that! I'm taking these five words and keeping them in my pocket, where I can grab them and hold on tight when I need to, and pass them on to others when they need them. Here's to the love that's around all of us...

Have a wonderful weekend! 

June 4, 2014

Positive Vibes

It seems my mind is working overtime lately...I have a hard time quieting myself and focusing, feeling scattered, and a bit overwhelmed.  Sometimes I can roll with it, breathe it out and carry on, the past weeks it's been a little harder.  One of the most amazing things about living here is that the ocean is never far away, and she's warm and lovely...

Three out of the past five days I've gone to the beach, spending as much time as I can in the ocean, letting her soften my rough edges.  Sometimes I swim for a long time, feeling every movement of my body against the water, aware of each muscle that moves my arms as I take another stroke and swim until I can hear my heart beating in my ears.  Other times I will float, eyes open, staring up at the endless blue and taking in all that soothing heart warming color.  Sometimes I float face down, blocking out everything.  When I lift my head up and out of the water, and the sounds and colors of the world come flooding back to me, I feel lighter, more present, less static, more quiet.  

The ocean is a powerful healer for me, I'm grateful to have remembered this, and to know she'll always be there for me.  It's kind of wonderful that a simple physical act can totally change my mood.  

Here are some dreamy beach pictures, with some incredible shades of blue...Something about this color has been extra wonderful to me lately.  I feel like something in me is soothed when I see it, when I'm in the water and I can totally space out on the sky and the ocean, and my eyes take in all that beautiful color, its like a deep breath.  If you have a favorite scent, you know what I mean...when you close your eyes and inhale, you can feel it deep within, not just in your nose.  For me it's the jasmine, or the tahitian gardenia, and now this BLUE!  It's like taking in a deep breath, and when I exhale, I feel lighter, happier, and more at ease.


May 22, 2014

Desert Flora Appreciation and Other Musings

Looking through my phone at some of the pictures I took while in California, I was feeling nostalgic for the desert and wanted to share a few of my favorites. 

It feels great to be home, back in the humid tropical islands, swimming in the ocean again feels like a whole new version of coming home...I always tend to romanticize wherever I visit and immediately start imagining moving there, starting all over, and living a different version of my life in a place I've never been before.  I must have thought about it in every single new place we went on that trip, talking to friends about their neighborhood, looking on Craigslist for rentals to see how much things cost, and playing "what if" quite a bit ...Now that I'm home a few weeks, well actually, I think it was just a few hours after returning home, I realized that all those feelings faded away and that this is the place for me.  Maybe it was the "Seven Year Itch" of living here, or my wandering and adventurous mind, but I had been feeling like I was ready for something different.  Turns out maybe I just needed a good long trip away from home to properly appreciate what "home" is and means to me.  Needless to say, I love Hawaii, and I can't imagine living anywhere else... Though I have to admit, Jo and I are plotting and planning for our own little slice of desert land outside Joshua Tree,  saving our pennies will start immediately, and eventually we can turn a few acres of sand, rocks, and cactus into a humble getaway.  It's a beautiful feeling to be happy in the place you call home, in the physical house as well as that little spot on the map in the middle of the ocean.  It's a wonderful feeling to get on a plane after vacation and be so grateful for the place you call home, so YAY! Life rules!

April 18, 2014

Southern California Adventures

We've been to so many places and seen so any beautiful things on this trip.  
Here is a VERY brief look at some of my favorites...From Venice Beach, to Pasadena, and down along the Pacific Coast a highway to San Diego.