July 2, 2014


From last week:

I finally got my paws on a saw from Green Lion Studios! To be honest I've had the same rusty saw frame since I took my first smithing class.  I'm so exited to use this baby, all reports from sister smiths are overwhelmingly positive.   

My package was complete with stickers with inspirational power quotes on them...just the perfect messages at the perfect time.  Good mail day indeed.

June 25, 2014

Small Moments

It's the little things in life that make all the difference.  

Like salty skin and sandy feet...
Simple signs if a life well lived and loved.

Happy Thursday!

June 7, 2014

Just a Few Words

Im a thinker...
Probably, scratch that, definitely an over- thinker.  Today I choose ease, peace, happiness, love, calm, fun, beauty, patience, and certainty. I'm leaving all the rest where it belongs, in the past. 

A new friend shared a very simple and powerful thought with me this week, at exactly the moment I need to hear it..."love is all around us"

Simple, powerful, and beautiful.  What these few words mean to you may be quite different than what they mean to me, or the person sitting next to you. I LOVE that! I'm taking these five words and keeping them in my pocket, where I can grab them and hold on tight when I need to, and pass them on to others when they need them. Here's to the love that's around all of us...

Have a wonderful weekend!