I'm leaving on a jet plane...I'll be back with tales of friendship, coffee appreciation, reunions, and general merriment in a few weeks!!!  Happy end of summer vacation!



Today will be filled with packing, organizing, finishing up the last minute touches on some jewelry projects, errands, and plan making for my trip to Seattle...I've got all my jewelry spread out, awaiting a once-over to make sure they are all polished and looking their best for their party on Sunday.  It's so fun to see everything all laid out and in one big pile...Did I really make all of that???

I'm looking forward to a successful trunk show on Sunday and while i still get a bit nervous before showing any of my work, I'm really excited about this batch of goodies, I hope they will be well received and that a few special ladies find a piece that speaks to them...I tend to get a little list crazy in the moments right before leaving, wanting to make sure I don't forget anything crucial, especially when I'm bringing jewelry along...So last night I made my lists, and today I can do like this little guy and relax, smile, and enjoy what the day brings!

I hope you catch a few moments of Zen today, let him be your guide, he seems to know the way!


Sunday Polo Match

...And Champagne Cocktails!!!

On the North Shore of our beautiful island there are a handful of stables and horse ranches that are right on the beach...one of these hosts polo matches through the summer and into the fall.  Every Sunday they open the gates at 12pm and the locals start rollin' in.  Once you get through the gate you can drive your car around the far side of the field and find a spot that calls to you...right above the line where the sand ends and the trees start is where you park, set up camp, and commence the tail-gate!!!!  I don't know how it is on the mainland, and my only references here are that scene from Pretty Woman, but here in Hawaii a Polo match means friends, food, beach, cocktails and a little bit of horse/sportsman appreciation.  I have to tell you though, the bubbly went straight to my head and at one point we looked over and realized that the match was over...Oops! 

Needless to say it was another beautiful day in paradise! 


More Ear Candy!!

A quickie preview of what I finished up today...

I seem to be brimming with ideas this week, it's a great feeling...to sit down at the bench with a plan, and then to see the fruits of my labor.  Working in my studio is the perfect combination of zone out meditation, and intense focus.  I find myself completely lost in the "doing" of whatever task is at hand, bouncing back and forth around the room doing little bits of this here and that there...I find that my mind seldom wanders to the daily bits of life, all my worries fly out the window and I can simply "be".

The past few days have been a blessing in terms of creativity and productivity, I am so grateful...

P.S.  These should make their way to The Shop by the weekend!

Can you imagine how fabulous it would
be to sleep in your own 
personal nest!!!

Here's how they make these amazing structures...
I know what I'll be dreaming of tonight as 
I drift off to sleep

A friend shared this with me because he knows me so well that pictures of human sized birds nests made him think of me!!! Now that's friendship!!!


The workshop was humming today!

I spent the whole day buzzing around the studio working on finishing up some earring projects...I've got one week until my trip to Seattle where I'll be having a private showing/trunk show type party!  My dear friends have opened up their home for an evening of cocktails, friendship, and jewelry appreciation.  I'll get to see some old friends and show them what I've been working on, and get to meet some new friends and introduce them to my creations!!!! 

I've got another half dozen or so pairs ready for their final touches in the morning...Until then, here's what my brain came up with today!!!

My fingers are sore, from brewing up these babies...and I wouldn't have it any other way!  I love the feeling of having really focused and produced work that I think is truly "me"...

See you tomorrow for more previews!!!

I recently completed an interesting custom project...the re-furbishing of a vintage pair of eyeglasses.  These belong to my dads best friend...Uncle Allan.  Lets let the photos do most of the explanation shall we ~!!!!



When these came to me they were missing one of the decorative pieces that wraps around from the arm to the front of the glasses.  The one that was left was in perfect shape so I could easily use it as a guide for making the new pieces.  I don't know why, ( well actually I could think of more than a few reasons, but...) I was so nervous about making this project.  There were a zillion possibilities of ways to design the new pieces and I wanted him to really love the way it turned out and want to wear his new glasses!!  In addition to his full time career my hilarious Uncle is an actor and gifted musician...his glasses are part of his look!!!  
Once I got the package sent off I realized how fun it was to do something outside the regular "jewelry box".  I kind of want to do it again, I think I'll have to tell him to send me those glasses once a year for a design re-do!!!

I realize now after loading these pictures that I only took close ups, and missed the overall shot...oops!  You get the idea though...