Celebration of LOVE

Last weekend Jo and I will be celebrating four years of "wedded" bliss, love and togetherness!  I am so overwhelmed with emotions, full of love, gratitude, and have a head filled with amazing memories of fun times together.  The best gift this world has given me is the love of an amazing woman, (that sounded pretty cheesy...but, it's SO TRUE)

Also, I'd like to call in sick today and go here...

Ke Iki beach, North Shore Oahu

In other news, my head is brimming with ideas and all I want to do is go on lock down in the studio...Alas, my "real job" awaits, with a full book of clients in need of massage.  I've got a vacation coming up at the end of June and mommas got to make some dollars so that I can afford to be out of town for three weeks, so those ideas will have to wait until the weekend...


I've been experiencing some infuriating iphoto moments this afternoon, so you'll have to excuse the very brief nature of todays post...Short on words, heavy on images.

I finished up this beauty last weekend, and am so thrilled with the way she turned out...

I know it's a lot of pictures of the same thing, but you can really see all the different shades of white in the stone in some of them more than others...This is a beautiful piece of "White Buffalo" turquoise, my new favorite stone to work with.  I love the way the milky whiteness looks against the satiny, oxidized silver.

I'm already dreaming up more versions of this piece with all kinds of stones...

I should have this one posted in the shop tonight, (fingers crossed)...

Thanks for stopping by,



Dear Hawaii...

Thank you/Mahalo/Gracias...

We went to the beach the other day for a sunset swim...It was RAD.


The adventures of Max


Jo has made it her new hobby to teach Max how to surf!  She picked up this life jacket the other day, and took him out for a try on the foam board.  It was mostly just him getting used to the balance on the board, it was calm water, and he could jump off and swim around and then get back up on the board and try again.  Evidently he did very well, taking after his mermaid momma!  It's got a nifty handle on top and you can just grab on and pick him up out of the water!  He seems to swim easier and enjoy it more with the vest on, so we've got some practicing to do, and then they will try it in some waves with Jo on the board too, FUN!  I can't wait to get in on that dog surfing action!


The light was lovely when I got home from 
work this afternoon...I had just enough time to 
snap some shots of the pieces I finished up over the weekend.

Two lovely neck adornments...Each one made for a certain someone out there in the universe, who that is, they don't know and neither do I.  I love to imagine the lady who will scoop these up, and how they will feel so at home when pressed against her chest.  I truly believe every piece has its proper home, we all just have to wait until we meet each other, and then the circle is complete.  The turquoise on this first necklace is electric, a gorgeous specimen of Kingman turquoise. I had a blast making these, and really wanted to attend to the details, namely making my new favorite shaped links.  I don't recall where the idea came for this particular shape, I just know that it is ever so satisfying and aesthetically pleasing to my eyes! 

I've feel lately like I've been given some kind of special permission to go wild with creativity in the studio...Like I've gotten some silent green light from the muse, to just go for it, to bare my creative soul and make bold decisions and not question the outcomes.  Sounds good to me...

Buenas Noches....

PS.  I'm working on getting these in the shop tonight or tomorrow!