A surf adventure story an a few firsts

Yesterday I set out with Jo and a friend of ours for a lovely morning surf session, as I mentioned before I'm trying to get back on the surf train, push myself to do things that are not always easy, and to try and snag a bit of that "stoke" that my lady always gets from being out there in the waves. All was well and I caught a few waves, the sun was shining, I had a huge smile on my face and then it happened...collision! Its all a blur now, but the consensus is that someone came from behind me as I was catching the wave and barreled right over me. I felt a pain in my leg, I saw a bit of blood and knew I had to get my butt onto the shore...I really had no intention of being shark bait. With help from Jo I got back on my board and made it back to shore. Long story short, I had a few major firsts...first oxygen mask, first IV, first ambulance ride, first trip to the ER and first stitches, 27 of them to be exact!!!

After six hours in the ER we made it back home...Loopy, exhausted and thankful to still HAVE my leg. Aside from the pain from the HUGE gash in my upper hamstring I have the craziest pins and needles feeling all over my leg as well as a few spots that have remained totally numb due to nerve damage. I dont know how it can be that an area can be totally numb to the touch but can itch like, well... A bitch!!! The pain is better already, thanks to some of the pills they gave me, and all in all I'd have to say I'm feeling pretty good! I can't put any weigh on my leg and will be at home for at least a week :(

Jo is my nursing angel and has kept me laughing through some of the more difficult moments, for instance changing the dressing and assisting with everything from bathroom stuff to simply changing positions. I feel so grateful to have her with me, I just hope she's ok to! I never saw the wound, the blood trailing behind me in the water. We were joking around this morning that she has PTSD, but the more I think about our day yesterday, I realize the amount of stress she has been through too.

The ER was buzzing with powerful, amazing, women energy...Every single person from the admissions, attending doc, nurses, social worker were women. They were calm, beautiful souls working their butts off! I felt so safe and taken care of...Woman power in the ER was in full effect!!!!

Ok, I feel like I'm rambling now, maybe that pill is starting to work :)
I had been on a very productive streak in the studio lately and have been really excited as I finished up a fee pieces for what is/was to be my first local craft/art market. I can't even think of being at the bench right now let alone setting up for a craft show. I hope to be able to participate in the show next week, but for now I just need to rest and try not to stress out about the bill from the hospital!

So now you know why I may be absent from here a bit in the near future...Our computer is on the fritz and all I've got to work with is this iPhone, I kind of go crazy after a while with it. I've read every book in the house and some of them more than once... This may require me
to request a magazine and book care package from mom:)

Alright, time for a banana, a pill and a nap! Check ya later !!!


One more ring...

In keeping with the turquoise love and theme I seem to be working in lately, I finished another turquoise ring!!! This one is more "classic" in color, the deep blue-greens with beautiful veins of dark earthyness running throughout...I am a woman obsessed, I just can't seem to keep my hands from picking out these stones to work with.  I'm just going to roll with it and follow what my hands tell me to do!

And then there are these:

These earrings have been sitting on my dresser, in the lip of my favorite mug on a table in the living room, and in and out of my ears for a few weeks!  I was so loving wearing them that I made myself a pair for keeps...Now that I have some of my own I'm offering these up in the shop!

Lastly, I'm putting up the White Buffalo Turquoise ring for sale in the shop...I feel she is ready to find her new home...I hope some lucky lady out there claims her for their own, and will love her as much as I do!

I just finished listing this group of goodies in the shop ...there they will rest until their new owners make their claim! 

I'm so happy it's friday, all I can do is day dream about the weekend studio time and the millions of ideas running through my head.  Sending all of you fabulous ladies out there mucho love and Aloha, many thanks for your sisterhood, your support, your kind words, and your love...I feel it so deeply this week, my heart is warmed.


Wednesdays Offering...

I've clocked about 20 hours in the studio in the past three days...I know, it's a lot and let me tell you my shoulder and fingers can feel it!!!  I've been trying to think outside my normal box, playing with shapes, colors and continuing my little personal class in perfecting my bezel setting skills.  Not easy people, not easy...Lessons learned so far today have been on the topics of patience with my skills, a need to take my time, and above all...make stuff, and practice!

I have a new love...Her name is White Buffalo Turquoise, I had a very successful time with her in the studio today.  Gratitude to the stone setting spirits, and to the artist who cut this cab, I will definitely be back for more of this goodess!

This one is not quite ready to leave my finger and make the jump into the Etsy shop, I may need to wear her a few days and fill her up with a little extra spirit of Aloha!

These next few earrings just made their way in to the shop, and will be joined by a few others in the next few days.

Sterling, Coral, Faceted Olive Green Glass

Sterling Textured Domes and Mango Chalcedony

Hammer Textured Tabs with Coral Stack Dangles

I Heart Texture...can you tell? :)
Happy Wednesday evening to all, I'm off to put my feet up and grab a brewski!


Works in Progress

I am currently taking a break from the studio, a few hours with the pliers and heavy gauge wire have resulted in a hand cramp...After all I do need to save some of my dexterity for this afternoons massage clients!!!

I'm making bezels for some newly acquired stones, shaping hoops and irregularly ovoid links for something that's brewing in the back of my mind...not sure what it will be yet but that's part of the fun!  Over the weekend I cleared out some space in the workshop, did some general re-organizing and cleaning...It feel so nice to walk into the studio now, it's all spruced up and ready for work!  Next up will be transplanting some pots and getting some plants in there to give the space a bit more life!

Ok, off to finish up and get ready for the other "work day"!  Happy Aloha Friday...



...all my troubles seemed so far away

A short list of reflections on the day:

I stepped outside my comfort zone
Conquered at least two fears
There was a lightness of heart and soul
Bonding with my lovely lady friend
I smiled bigger and with more genuine happiness than usual
Watched the sunset turn the water pink and they sky orange from far off shore
I realized that sometimes I need to leave my brain on the beach and take my soul out for an adventure
I felt strong, safe, adventurous, and beautiful in the light of the sunset

For some time now I have let thoughts of " I can't, I'm scared, I'm too this or that" creep into my head to the point where I have believed these lies I tell myself...LAME!  All it takes on one step to cross the line of fear and self consciousness to make major progress...in this case all it took was a step into the water, paddle board under one arm and paddle in the other.  With love and encouragement from the best friend, soul-sister and partner a woman could ask for, I crossed over into the land of "I did, I will, I can, I RULE!!!!!!!

It may not seem like a very big deal but for me it was...We took our rented paddle boards and headed out past the break for an afternoon paddle.  This was my first attempt to be out in the waves, (or bumps and swells as the case was yesterday) on a stand up paddle board.  We have rented them many times before but I had only taken them in the shallow still protected waters of the lagoon.  I always thought I couldn't do it out in the open water, that I wasn't fit enough, that I was too "big", that I was not strong enough to navigate the current, the waves, the deeper water...well guess what?  That was a big 'ol lie I was telling myself, one that I believed for far too long.  Fueled by self-doubt and self consciousness...I cast OUT these un-truths I've been fueling in my head and realized that not only CAN I, but I'm damn good out there too!  The biggest payoff is seeing my lady on her board next to me, smiling for me and cheering me on!  We rafted up, sat down on the boards and peacefully watched the sunset from out past the swell...SUCH an amazing feeling!

With sore shoulders and tight calves I blissfully await my next adventure out there...my change jar has officially been re-named "SUP savings" and I cannot wait to make this a regular activity!  Why do I do this mind game stuff with myself, it doesn't get me anywhere, it holds me back from doing things I want to try, it makes me feel not quite good enough, and that my friends is not a soul-lightening experience...Going forward I intend to change my patterns.  I CAN do whatever the heck I want, I am strong, beautiful, brave, adventurous, and above all...IT'S ALL IN MY HEAD!!! (which by the way is Jo's favorite thing to tell me when I get all self-doubty and sad)...She was right all along, and now I believe her!

Thanks for listening to my digital diary for today...this one just had to get out of my head and onto the screen.  Not for you or for anyone else, but for ME!!!