A Few Thoughts

Happy Hanukkah!

  1. My Mom loves Max
  2. She sent him Hanukkah presents
  3. He looks great in his new shirt
  4. Did you know Max has a Brother?

He used to live here in The Commune, in fact that's how we ended up adopting Max...
Sadly a few month ago, he moved to the North Shore with his family.  We've met up with 
him a the beach up there a handful of times, and he's come to town to visit us.  There's
nothing quite like the love between these guys...It makes my heart hurt.
They really are the MOST adorable creatures!!!


  1. I've been lazy with the "real" camera
  2. I've made myself a new beading station/table/cuteness area in the living room
  3. I can't stop with the beading
  4. I don't want to stop the beading
  5. There is no where decent to buy beads here
  6. I can find good ones online, and have gotten some, butit's not the same
  7. I need to go bead shopping on the mainland
  8. I'm running out of beads
  9. I'm feeling very colorful these days


  1. I've never worn longer necklaces 
  2. I always wanted to
  3. I made some...with fabulous pops of color
  4. Then I put them on
  5. All of them
  6. And I thought it was awesome

Look Ma I'm wearing a mask while I solder!

Today's random images come to you courtesy of Instagram...The lazy lady's blog helper!

Happy Wednesday!



Dress your neck

Yes, I'm still obsessed with making these leaves...Something about their shape, and texture makes my eyes happy.  I've made earrings of varied sizes and now this piece, which is the second necklace creation in this style. I decided this one needed an even longer "chain", of two strands of gray seed beads accented with a few chunks of faceted turquoise, coral tube beads, and of course the ever present chartreuse glass specimens of lovliness!

I snapped these pictures last night, as dusk was getting a bit too dark to continue...I thought.
All of a sudden the light changed and the sky turned bright pink and orange, 
leaving a pink glow on the silver as the light hit it...
I love how the light looks kind of dark and moody, but still makes
the oxidized texture of the silver pop against the other colors.

I shared this next piece with you a few weeks ago, and have been "test driving" it since then.
I've piled it on with other pieces and left it to shine solo...both are great options.  I am looking forward to some time in the studio this weekend and will be working on another piece full of jangling gypsy discs...I'm dreaming of a neck adornment piece FULL of them, maybe one with the discs clustered close together just at the front, and anotherfull with them but spaced evenly around the entire piece...


Blurry Vision

A few shots from this evening...
Before I realized I hadn't adjusted the settings.
I think it actually captures the mood here on The Commune
quite well.  It's dreamy, warm, and very, very green...

Quite the sunset colors tonight...It got better, and then my battery died.

In other news...

Dave Brubeck passed away today.
Do yourself a favor, take a few moments
get comfortable, close your eyes, or stare at the ceiling, 
and chill out to the groovy tunes.

Tonight while listening to it again...for the third time today, 
I had a moment with an old friend via Facebook message...He reminded
me that it was his dad's favorite piece of music, and that
when we were kids we listened to it all the time!  He said his dad was
most definitely smiling down on me from above, in appreciation of my
love of this piece of music magic... Maybe that's why
it always sounds so sweet to me, maybe I had sound/sense memories from
childhood, and they stuck with me all this time...
When he reminded me about his dad, it brought up so many
 wonderful memories...
 Of holidays and family gatherings,
and listening to his dad playing his clarinet, my favorite Jazz
All of this nostalgia got my mind wandering far away, and then I listened to it 
one more time...
It's amazing how a piece of music, can feel so good to listen to.  And when I say
"feel", I really meant it...As in I can actually feel my body enjoying 
the music.  Somewhere deep down in my chest, vibrating out
through my tapping toes, my head bobbing to the beat, and my lips
that begin whistling along instinctively.  

Sometimes it really is a beautiful thing to be a human...