Snapshots of the Week


Breathe deep
Go swimming more often
Soak up the "small moments"
Finish old projects
Dream big
Take more pictures
Keep in touch
Speak what's in your heart

Happy Firday!


Live Life...Caution, Profanities

It has become abundantly clear to me this week how truly lucky we are to live our lives.  How easy it is to be caught up in our heads with the stories we tell ourselves.  That each smile, each delicious cup of coffee, each dog walk, and every single creative moment, is just one more chance to be thankful for waking up every day.  Life's to short to worry about all the things I've got swirling in my head sometimes...Like a thousand tabs open in my web browser, I feel mentally full so much of the time that I get roadblocked and let little things stop me from moving forward.  Well, excuse me but fuck that shit...I've got a RAD life to live, beautiful art to create, and who knows how much time I have to get it done.  

Having nothing to do withe all of the above musings, here are some random photos from the past week:

Happy Thursday everyone!




We took a walk through the neighborhood at sunset, on a mission for Chinese takeout.  We found it. It was delicious. So was the view on the walk home....


A lovely Sunday on the North Shore...We watched a surf competition, there was dog napping on the beach, iced coffee drinking, swimming, people watching, turtle sightings, sandy toes, salty skin, lots of laughter, and two of my favorite people by my side. It's good to be home.


Green Stones, You Make My Heart Sing

Most of these photos we taken a few weeks ago.  Their quality is not the best, they are simple snapshots I took while working on this series of pendants...Mostly I wanted to catalog this moment for posterity, to have a record of all these stones in one place before they went off in to the world.  These images will be a repeat for most of you, they've made the Sierra Keylin Jewelry social media rounds, but I just wanted them to have a more "permanent" home here on the blog.  

Each one has a unique color and shape.  The patterns in the stone have moss like patterns and the colors are in almost every shade of delicious green goodness.  Some of them are light green and translucent, while others are bright, vibrant and almost opaque...These stones captured my heart, I absolutely love them all!  


Bits an pieces of November...A bit late

Hmmm, I just found this post that I never published before I left for Seattle...I figured why not share it now, even if its a few weeks old.  It seems that blogging has taken a backseat to Instagram in the past few months, and now that I realize how long it's been since I've been using this space I see how much I miss it.  No promises of the regularity of future blog posts, no excuses as to why I haven't been here, just some honest realization that I need to put some effort in to keeping this space alive.  Until next time friends....