What's that smell?....

Its mango season y'all and here in Hawaii that means a bounty of the lovely, juicy, delicious fruits we are blessed to have falling off trees all over town!  It also means a very specific smell...the smell of rotting mango on hot pavement!  You might not be able to imagine what such a thing might smell like, and unfortunately I lack the smell-o-vision app on my iphone or I'd be sharing that with you as well.  All over Hawaii people have mango trees in their yards, and when they bounty begins, it is often hard to keep up with the sheer magnitude of fruits that are ready to be picked.  Couple that with a very large old mango tree, maybe a house behind yours that has no permanent residents, and what you've got is a smell that can only be described by many many adjectives...sweet, sour, alcoholic, acrid, rotten, and at times down right nasty!  Despite it's nose hair tingling qualities, I always love this time of year, I know that now is the time to eat as much of the goodness as I can get my hands on, and that many a meal will be planned around figuring out how to incorporate that orange fleshed fruit of the gods!!!

The ever present collection of rotting mango's in the empty house next to ours...we usually jump the fence on a regular basis and collect as much as we can, but after a heavy rain and some wind, this is how their driveway looks.

In other fruit news, we have got a serious collection of papaya trees in our yard, all in differing stages of fruit making...There is one tree that is ALMOST ready to be picked, and it has what I think is the largest papaya I have ever seen...I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this baby!!!!!!

The angle is a bit deceiving, but I swear this thing is at least 10" long!

While watering our collection of green friends in the yard this morning I snapped a few other pictures.

Back patio succulent collection

trying out some planter/shelf thingy on the back patio

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Apple Banana Tree!!!!!!!! I'm so freaking excited for these, they are absolutely the best banana EVER!!! If you have never been to Hawaii and tasted these, I am truly sorry and I wish for you that someday you will be able to taste the magic of a an apple banana!

I'm off to the office to see a few clients, then I'm ready to start my weekend!  Sending you love and Aloha for your Friday, hope your weekend is filled with tropical fruit loveliness!


  1. Sometimes I'm like a mango. lol
    love your pics and descriptions....(and you!)

  2. Te amo hermano! Thanks for commenting here, It's still so new I get really excited when someone actually looks at it!

  3. I would really like to try my skills on a mango harvest. I think I could be a serious contender.

  4. Oh sister! I would love to go mango hunting with you! Can't wait for summer vacay!