Works in Progress

My studio is a mess...and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!! My bench tends to have piles of things all jumbled together, and since so many tools are needed at once while working on a specific task they make mini mountains of metal, sandpaper, pliers, stones, punches, pens, files etc...

It's kind of a controlled chaos, it seems if I keep it too tidy I never know where anything is.  I've got the bench loaded up with tid-bits in various stages of progress, and a few cabachons sitting next to my work space to inspire me as I work on other projects.

Two beautifully round Prehnite, a delicious Chrysoprase, Botswana agate, and a mystery stone that I cannot remember

They must be lonely, those stones...they've been sitting in a box since I returned from Studio Delucca, where I purchased them.  I've been dreaming up settings and designs for them but have yet to start with the making of bezels and the sawing of base plates.  Setting a stone is like waging a war of love for me...there's nothing more satisfying that seeing a piece finished, with a beautifully set stone, but sometimes things just don't want to work and I cannot get that darn bezel to solder correctly!!!!  Being mostly self-taught I know that certain skills take more time to master, and creating the proper bezel is one of those skills.  It's a labor of love, and something that I really need to practice, I want to have the skills to make it work every time without the frustration of having to figure out what I'm doing wrong...I know this will come with time and a lot of practice, so my new mantra in the studio is "calm, patience, and practice".  This week I will be attempting to set some of these amazing stones, and I cannot wait to see how they turn out...in between I am finishing up some projects for a trunk show at the end of the month, as well also some custom pieces. 

This is just a sample of the "mini mountains" of stuff that are being worked on today...Sending you sunny beaches and blue skies from the land of Aloha!  Happy Thursday!!!!

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