Guess What?

Yesterday I had my first beach day since my accident!!!!!  Before all of this stuff went down, i would be at the beach at least two days a week...so you can imagine how much I had been missing it.  I've been so nervous about getting there, which beach to go to that has the easiest access to the water, would I be able to walk in the sand, do I need to bring my cane or crutches, what about the rockiness/sandiness factor in the water since my foot is so sensitive.  Bla, Bla, Bla...So much thinking, not enough doing!!!!

So yesterday Jo and I went for it, and I limped my way, cane in hand, down the beach toward the ocean...It felt so amazing to swim in the ocean again, totally weightless, relaxed, and feeling no pain!!!  The sensation of floating in the water, and actually being able to swim was amazing!  She asked me how it felt, if anything was sore while I was crawl stroking my way through the salty water, and I really couldn't believe how awesome it was.  I felt none of the pain or discomfort I do out of the water, something about the buoyancy and weightlessness of being in the water removed all of those unpleasant feelings and I could just relax and enjoy it!

I suppose this first big hurdle is a a major step in my recovery, I am making a plan...My goal is to get in the ocean everyday, do a bit of floating, stretching, and swim my ass off and get some much needed exercise after WAY TOO LONG!

One of the best parts of this whole thing, is that it made me smile, made me feel like I did things that everyone else can do, and that I am obviously getting better if I could make it across the sand to the water and get in the ocean.  I've said before that the mental/emotional part of this has been really hard for me, and feeling like I tackled this one big step is definitely going to help in that department...

Guess what?  I've got a few errands to run now, and then I'm taking my ass back to the beach for another swim...this time without Jo's shoulder to hold on to while I walk in the sand, but no worries...I got it!

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