We got a new addition to our little family of vendors at the Saturday market...

This thing is seriously pimped out on the inside, complete with full size espresso machine, refrigerator, sink and linoleum tile floor!  We are all beyond stoked to have coffee at the market...and it's really good coffee...A rarity here on the island, (OK maybe not rare, but my former Seattle dwelling coffee snobbery is tamed by the deliciousness of their Americano!)

In, other weekend news...It was a bit slow this week, so I brought something to keep me busy while sitting at my table at the market.

I recently bought some waxed linen cord to experiment with and made these and a few others while sitting at the market.

Tomorrow is Jo's birthday, so we took a little stay cation and went up to Waialua and stayed at a beach cottage for a few days!  The absolute best part of this is that one of her co-workers owns the place and let us stay there for free!!!!  All I have to do is give her and her husband a massage in return for letting us stay there!  Totally worth it, and maybe I'll get some new clients out of the deal too!

Trying out my new silvery polish for the weekend!
And, sporting a new earring creation...I am newly obsessed with making tons of earrings based on this design. And yes, I realize the photo is not so great!
Caught in the act of happiness...    

I have to admit that since we don't have television at home, we tend to get a little excited when we stay somewhere that does...This turned out to be the beginning of a late night Golden Girls marathon, accompanied by a large glass of whiskey! 

Getting out of town and having my love all to myself for a full 48 hours was just lovely, I made my famous lasagna, and Jo's favorite carrot cake for her birthday dinner.  We obviously enjoyed ourselves because I have almost no pictures from the weekend, a sure sign of time well spent with the one you love!

In rehab news, I just finished a little session of living room yoga.  I've been really stiff and having some nerve pain in my foot...totally to be expected and totally annoying!  My range of motion is really small on my left side so I just kind of muddled my way through some of the poses that were a bit difficult.  All in all it felt good though, and I know if I continue, it will only improve!  (that was me using a bit of positive re-enforcement on myself).  OH!!  I almost forgot!  I rode a bike this weekend too!!!!  This is quite a big deal in the land of recuperating from my accident, it was fun, comfortable, and actually not painful at all!!  Actually, it was more comfortable than walking...Lesson learned?  I need to ride a bike more often!  I felt like a real human again, doing things that normal people can do...I even pulled Jo on her skateboard!  FUN! 

So, things are rolling right along...I hope all is well in your worlds, thanks for stopping by!


  1. It all looks wonderful Sierra, glad you had fun away. Congrats on good coffee, new jewelry and silver nails :)

    ...but you guys are known for Kona Coffee and Maui Onions ?

    Keep enjoying each day, glad you're recuperating, xo

    *the golden girls LOL!

  2. While Hawaii is known for it's Kona coffee, it only has to be 10% Kona to be considered Kona coffee, and the blends tend ro be a bit on the bitter side :( I swear, Im trying to let go of my Pacific Northwest coffee snobbery...It's just a bit harder than I thought! :)