A Few Thoughts

Happy Hanukkah!

  1. My Mom loves Max
  2. She sent him Hanukkah presents
  3. He looks great in his new shirt
  4. Did you know Max has a Brother?

He used to live here in The Commune, in fact that's how we ended up adopting Max...
Sadly a few month ago, he moved to the North Shore with his family.  We've met up with 
him a the beach up there a handful of times, and he's come to town to visit us.  There's
nothing quite like the love between these guys...It makes my heart hurt.
They really are the MOST adorable creatures!!!


  1. I've been lazy with the "real" camera
  2. I've made myself a new beading station/table/cuteness area in the living room
  3. I can't stop with the beading
  4. I don't want to stop the beading
  5. There is no where decent to buy beads here
  6. I can find good ones online, and have gotten some, butit's not the same
  7. I need to go bead shopping on the mainland
  8. I'm running out of beads
  9. I'm feeling very colorful these days


  1. I've never worn longer necklaces 
  2. I always wanted to
  3. I made some...with fabulous pops of color
  4. Then I put them on
  5. All of them
  6. And I thought it was awesome

Look Ma I'm wearing a mask while I solder!

Today's random images come to you courtesy of Instagram...The lazy lady's blog helper!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. 1. happy hanukkah!
    2. my mother used to call my pluckie her "grandpup" because i did not have children. he received gifts, like your pooch receives gifts.
    3. i love that you love beading.
    4. i love your long necklaces.
    5. i love everything about this post.


    1. Thanks a million my friend...these "simple" beading projects have been such therapy for me, it's really quite wonderful! I think my mom is totally adopting Max as her grandpup too, she always signs her emails and leaves here phone messages "with love to my grandson Max too" Thank you so much for being here, and for taking the time to send some love.

  2. You are darling. I have some beads that languish - they are slightly larger - would you like them?!? Xoxo

    1. Are you serious? Of course I would LOVE them, you are so sweet! I could send you a wee hawaiian care package as a trade!