I've been a busy bee lately...It seems that as soon as I walk through the door after work, I've got a list of things to do swirling in my head.  Today for some reason I found myself grabbing a broom and sweeping the entire house literally within two minutes of walking in the door...I realized halfway through the process that I still had my purse on my shoulder.  I opened up the screen door to the back porch and gave it a good sweep too, then I moved the table and chairs out there and made sure I got in to all the nooks and crannies!  "Why am I doing this right now when I have pictures to edit, listings to write, earrings to polish, dinner to make, a dog to walk, packages to wrap, and push ups to do?"

Anyway, I grabbed some ice water and sat myself down for a moment of back porch appreciation.

Later a friend stopped by to pick out some birthday earrings...

And then I played "re-arrange" decor in the living room for about half an hour.

A thoroughly enjoyable Tuesday afternoon was had, and I made up an awesome recipe for dinner, that I will definitely be making again.  Chickpea, mushroom, quinoa, sweet pepper, and butternut squash "burgers" with cumin yogurt sauce*!!!!! I used one egg, and small palm full of breadcrumbs to help it stick together, and a handful of crumbled feta cheese as well.  Oh YES, she was delicious.

*if you're anything like me you appreciate a little kick to your sauce, I sprinkled a few drops of Tapatio in the yogurt sauce just for some extra love.

May all your Tuesdays be as smooth, calm, and generally awesome for no particular reason as mine was for me...



  1. sometimes we need a little nudge to remind us to shift into a different gear...right!?!

    Burger sounds DElicious, what's the ratio chickpea to quinoa?

    1. Aloha lovely lady, thanks for stopping by! I used one can of garbanzos and about half to 3/4 cup quinoa. The recipe that was the inspiration called for 1/2 cup panko, which I didn't have so I subbed a little bit of quinoa and b.crumbs instead....It's very forgiving, no need to get to crazy accurate with the measurements! It was SO YUMMMMMMY!!!