My head feels very full these days.
I've been planning an plotting and dreaming an setting goals.
Time is passing by so quickly lately, I need some kind of grounding "ritual" to slow things down a bit.
Since coming back from Kauai, I feel the itch to go somewhere else.
I've been slow in the studio, just a few little moments here and there. I have ideas all mapped out, and the first few steps completed, but something is pulling me back, like its just not the right moment. That must sound crazy...

Other random thoughts...
Avocados have been especially delicious lately.
I got a neon green t-shirt that I thought was weird at first but now I love it.
Red fingernail polish is awesome, even if it gets messed up the day after you put it on.
I want new sandals.
I miss my best lady friend/sisters who are scattered around the country.
I lost my eyelash curler, ( which I don't use that often but I've been wanting to "bring sexy back".)

Here's a peek at the last week or so in Instagram photos...the "real" camera hasn't come out since I got an iPhone.

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