Jewels for Adventuring

The Nomads are here...
Reminiscent of old coins, unearthed ancient treasures, and all things old and worn...

I've shared a few bits and pieces of the past few weeks here and on Flickr, but I finally got all of my images together and am adding these creations to the Etsy Shop this afternoon.  There are a handfull of earrings and a trio of necklaces with beautiful stone specimens.  All of these pieces have heavy dose of hammer texture, they are chunky, rustic, and have a dose of gypsy inspiration...

The Nomad Necklaces. 
 For life's journeys...from the everyday errands, to work, to adventures around the globe and back again.

This little collection of bits has been in the works for a while now, and I'm excited to put them out in to the world.  I've got big things brewing for my business...A logo is now completed, and the website is almost finished.  I'm hoping to expand to selling outside of etsy as well as continuing to be a part of the amazing community over there.  My hope is to have a web shop attached to the website where I can offer a series of "core" designs, these earrings will be the beginning of that collection.  In the coming months I'm prepping my branding to be "Dressed to Impress", which for me means getting plans together for applying for a few shows later in the year, and hopefully gaining some contacts in the retail world so that I can get some wholesale orders.  Thanks to everyone for the amazing feedback, support and most of all community love!!!

Sending happy Sunday love to you all...


  1. (early) Congratulations on selling on your own website! With all the b.s. Etsy has been pulling lately, I think you're wise to go that direction.

    P.S. Beautiful work!

    1. I've been really happy with etsy, no issues here, I just want to try and expand my reach, and get my work seen by people outside the etsy community. Thanks so much for stopping by to say hi and share some love! Aloha...

  2. lovely lovely. love those settings on the stones....


  3. I love all your work. It's so...gypsy!...my favorite.