Sea and Sky

The other side of the Pacific...

I'd almost forgotten what it was like over on the other side of the Ocean.  Then the breeze picked up, and that unforgettable scent filled my head.  The smells of the beach filled me with memories of summers at camp on Orcas Island, my feet freezing in the clear waters, and my face feeling the heat of the sun.  Kelp washed up on the rocky beach, in dried and half dried states, swirling with bugs, and glowing in every shade of green.  My feet in the dark sand, so hot it almost burns the bottom of my feet when I walk, but with an ever present chill in the air to combat the heat...I laid down in the sand, eyes closed, arms outstretched, head spinning with senses.  Imagining myself rooting in to the ground, I wanted to be a part of it.  To know that once I left, some part of me would still be there, and some part of that place would come home with me.  Something kept me there, silent, contemplative, meditating on the moment, focusing on blending my energy, that which makes me Sierra, to become a part of that place for a brief moment.  A simple act of grounding to that special place made a huge impact on me, I can still feel the warm dark sand on my back.  

Until we meet again...


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip.
    What you saw, what you felt, where you were, where you are.
    I like the skateboarding pic of your girl! :)