Some things are a struggle to bring from the depths of my mind to a real live piece of jewelry.  These two seemed to leap from my head, through my hands, and into tangible pieces.  The flow was flowing, the "bench goddess" was on my side, and these were born.  

These necklaces have inspired me, something about their shapes seems a bit different to me from what I've made in the recent past.  This weekend I've got plans to forge my heart out, to work until my fingers are raw from filing, sanding and shaping.  Every day at the bench has its own energy, some slow and meditative and some where I literally don't look up from my work for hours at a time.  This weekend I've got daydreams to pound out in metal, and a pile of gorgeous bits of colorful earth to be framed in silver.  

I'm off to have a date with my laptop and do some shopping for materials...I always get excited when I know there's a package on the way, especially when it's filled with silver.

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