Green Stones, You Make My Heart Sing

Most of these photos we taken a few weeks ago.  Their quality is not the best, they are simple snapshots I took while working on this series of pendants...Mostly I wanted to catalog this moment for posterity, to have a record of all these stones in one place before they went off in to the world.  These images will be a repeat for most of you, they've made the Sierra Keylin Jewelry social media rounds, but I just wanted them to have a more "permanent" home here on the blog.  

Each one has a unique color and shape.  The patterns in the stone have moss like patterns and the colors are in almost every shade of delicious green goodness.  Some of them are light green and translucent, while others are bright, vibrant and almost opaque...These stones captured my heart, I absolutely love them all!  


  1. No small feat, lady love. You did fabulous things here!!! Xo

  2. The stones are amazing, I love what you made out of them!