Live Life...Caution, Profanities

It has become abundantly clear to me this week how truly lucky we are to live our lives.  How easy it is to be caught up in our heads with the stories we tell ourselves.  That each smile, each delicious cup of coffee, each dog walk, and every single creative moment, is just one more chance to be thankful for waking up every day.  Life's to short to worry about all the things I've got swirling in my head sometimes...Like a thousand tabs open in my web browser, I feel mentally full so much of the time that I get roadblocked and let little things stop me from moving forward.  Well, excuse me but fuck that shit...I've got a RAD life to live, beautiful art to create, and who knows how much time I have to get it done.  

Having nothing to do withe all of the above musings, here are some random photos from the past week:

Happy Thursday everyone!

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