We woke up before the light, made the last bits of coffee I brought back from Seattle, and loaded Max in the car and headed up to the North Shore with one of our best friends and her dog Frankie...No plans other than taking our time, and having a getaway day on the island.  Spending all day up on the North Shore always feels like a vacation, by the time we got back home at 8pm, we were tired, and full, and so grateful for the days adventuring.  

One of my all time favorite activities is to take the dog, drive to a neighborhood I've never been to, and just walk...Checking out all the houses, doing a bit of what I like to call "garden stalking", and seeing a new view of the mountains and the ocean.  We saw some amazing plants, a few dream houses, and got to see a piece of the island that we had never been to before...and on a rock this small that's a big deal!!!

By the side of the road we noticed a bunch of Lilikoi (passionfruit) on the ground...fallen from a rouge vine that made its way through the trunks of a stand of Ironwood trees, and up, up, up to the top where it no doubt was grasping for as much sun as it could get.  What's better than free fruit?  Nothin'.  Free fruit that you can also harvest the seeds from and plant in your garden?!!!! Priceless.  We've been wanting to get some Lilikoi growing here so it was perfect timing.  Also, their slimy, juice, sour, sweet, tart insides are SO DELICIOUS!

These two cuties were just lounging in the sun having a little grass snack...

Then we rounded a corner and the view opened up the the valley below, and the ocean beyond that,
and I spied this RAD house...I've been obsessed with shingled houses since I was a kid.  When we were in Mendocino on our road trip last summer they were everywhere, and I remember saying to Jo that I never see them here in Hawaii...Something about all that gray-brown weathered texture looks so lovely against the blue sky and greenery.  So, I've found my new favorite neighborhood on the North Shore, and I intend to bring Max back for many dog walks/neighborhood hikes in the future.

We finished off the day with a trip to our favorite windy beach, swam and floated with some turtles, took a mini nap on the beach, and topped it all off with iced coffee and coconut cookies from the bakery in Hale'iwa.  
Another Saturday in paradise is in the books...Be well friends, and soak up the small moments, don't forget to appreciate the little things, like a really good looking house, and a sunny walk with friends.


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