Positive Vibes

It seems my mind is working overtime lately...I have a hard time quieting myself and focusing, feeling scattered, and a bit overwhelmed.  Sometimes I can roll with it, breathe it out and carry on, the past weeks it's been a little harder.  One of the most amazing things about living here is that the ocean is never far away, and she's warm and lovely...

Three out of the past five days I've gone to the beach, spending as much time as I can in the ocean, letting her soften my rough edges.  Sometimes I swim for a long time, feeling every movement of my body against the water, aware of each muscle that moves my arms as I take another stroke and swim until I can hear my heart beating in my ears.  Other times I will float, eyes open, staring up at the endless blue and taking in all that soothing heart warming color.  Sometimes I float face down, blocking out everything.  When I lift my head up and out of the water, and the sounds and colors of the world come flooding back to me, I feel lighter, more present, less static, more quiet.  

The ocean is a powerful healer for me, I'm grateful to have remembered this, and to know she'll always be there for me.  It's kind of wonderful that a simple physical act can totally change my mood.  

Here are some dreamy beach pictures, with some incredible shades of blue...Something about this color has been extra wonderful to me lately.  I feel like something in me is soothed when I see it, when I'm in the water and I can totally space out on the sky and the ocean, and my eyes take in all that beautiful color, its like a deep breath.  If you have a favorite scent, you know what I mean...when you close your eyes and inhale, you can feel it deep within, not just in your nose.  For me it's the jasmine, or the tahitian gardenia, and now this BLUE!  It's like taking in a deep breath, and when I exhale, I feel lighter, happier, and more at ease.


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  1. Your ocean is therapeutic cleansing for the soul.
    How lucky you are to have her so close, to dive in whenever you feel!
    Your pup is taking it all in. :)