Catching Up

Hello! It's been way too long~Life happens, there are beaches to go to and waves to play in, and vacations to take! It's incredible how time just keeps on tickin' and before you know it, I haven't posted in ages, and I've got boatloads of new/old work to share.  If you're on Instagram, chances are you've seen the work I'll be sharing here and in the next couple posts.  This space has kind of become a journal, or what will eventually be a history of this time in my life.  Often I think I write these posts for myself in future, so I can remember what I was doing, thinking, making, and feeling.  

So, here we have some of my favorite pieces this year.  Chunky, bold bracelets that show off some pretty spectacular specimens of turquoise.  I hope the ladies who wear these can feel the love I put into them...Sometimes I miss my favorite pieces when they find homes, but then I think about how much someone else might love them, and that's even better! 

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