Hi Desert Love~

I've just returned from two weeks in the Hi and Lo deserts of Souther California...And it was glorious! Here are some photos from my solo adventure day...I went to a swap meet on the grounds of a long ago abandoned drive in theatre.  This place was kind of like a park, a gathering place for locals, the swap meet every weekend year round, a little cafe, and some of the biggest cactus I've ever seen!  Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree are like no other place on earth, weird in the BEST way possible...

After the swap meet, I headed out to 29 Palms, which is about 15 miles down the main highway...I heard about a small hotel that has been around since the 1920's, I had seen pictures of the grounds and really wanted to check it out in person.  Built on an Oasis in 1928, and operated by the granddaughter of the original owners,  it's a total dreamland in the middle of the desert.  The palm trees are HUGE, there's a pond, a pool, and a garden where they grow the herbs and vegetables for the cafe.  

It's really kind of amazing how much I love the desert considering that I moved to Hawaii from Seattle...Something about it has always had a piece of my heart, the light, the colors, the desert vibes are something that I will always feel a connection to.  I feel lucky to have had this chance to explore, and being able to have some solo time to adventure is always good medicine for me.  

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