After the drama of my first attempt at flying out of Honolulu to see my family I am pleased to report that my second attempt was smooth sailing (or flying as the case may be), and I arrived in Palm Springs on Tuesday afternoon!  I actually love flying, even the waiting part and the layovers...something about the busy energy of an airport, the people watching and the anticipation of visiting friends and family always makes the time go  quickly.   Luckily I didn't have that long between flights and I just camped out at the terminal with my headphones and my journal.

While waiting for my connecting flight to Palm Springs I had some time to use my new journal that was given to me by my friend and roommate Chris.  I don't usually keep a journal with me, but I wanted to be able to document my jewelry ideas while I am away from home and to be able to jot down any questions I might have for my day at Studio DeLucca.  I have so many questions I want to ask, and quite a few techniques I want to learn...most of what I have been doing is by trial and error.  So I grabbed a seat with a good view for people watching, busted out my new journal, a pencil, and was kicked back and lost in my writing in no time! 

Fast forward two hours and I was in the company of my madre...I don't know when it started but I have been calling my mom madre (Spanish for mother), for a few years now.  We both have a love of the Spanish language, and while my Spanish is nothing compared to hers we often insert a few Spanish words into our speech when we are talking.   Anyhoo, I've been looking forward to spending time with my ohana (family in Hawaiian), for months and now its finally here!  I know a few things for certain when I come down here, I'll sleep like a log, my skin will be dry as sandpaper in a matter of hours (after living in Hawaii for a few years the desert climate sucks the hydration out of my body like a straw), and that I will get to have some of my favorite meals!  One thing in particular that is such a memory from my childhood is a meal I have coined as "Bagel Smorgasbord".  Growing up Jewish there is one thing that cannot be replaced and that is the love of a good bagel.  Its got to be fresh, chewy, with a bit of a tough exterior...not crunchy but not too soft either!  It is impossible to find this kind of bagel in Hawaii, and when I come to visit my parents I know I will get to experience the love that is the perfect bagel.  So what do I wake up to my first morning here?  My dad coming home with a big brown bag filled with still warm from the oven everything bagels...Heck YEAH!!!!

The standard accompaniments are as follows: Sliced tomato, cucumber, pickles, thinly sliced sweet white onion, roasted red peppers, and to top it all off (literally), smoked whitefish and wild Alaskan smoked salmon!  Be still my heart...and let the salivation begin!

Mom prepping the fish

Sitting down to this meal on the patio with mom and dad was the "homecoming" I had been waiting for...It has been too long since we have shared a meal, toasted to each other, and just sat in each others company!  I'm looking forward to a great week ahead and to many more adventures...We will be leaving at O'dark thirty in the morning to head out to Long Beach for my class and then to Pasadena to get our Jew on and have a Passover dinner with close friends.  Hope your week is cruzin' along nicely!

Shaloha mis amigos!

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  1. Yay! Glad you made it. My mouth is watering. The pic of your mom is awesome!