Welcome to the land of Aloha

After months of debating and battling with my inner perfectionist (something of a mental sport for me),  I've decided to start a blog.  This will be my attempt at sharing a bit of my life...There will likely be many photos of gorgeous beaches, waves, sunsets, and other snippets of a life being lived out in paradise, aka Hawaii!

Also there will be notes and pictures on my silversmithing adventures, as I play, design, and work with silver and stone toward the goal of turning my love of silversmithing into more than just a hobby.

Lately I have come across a few brilliant writings that have inspired me, and have made me realize the simple joy in creating for creativity's sake...While I strive to have a successful business as a jewelry designer, maker, and dreamer, I also want to embrace the feeling of making something wholly mine...of working from a sheet of flat, plain metal and forging it into whatever my mind can dream up...Like these:

As I read in this very wise and inspirational blog post from an artist in Austin,  "don't wait until you know who you are to make things".  BINGO!!!  This hits home for me in a big way, If I wait until I have the proper skills, or until my vision is "perfected" then I could be waiting a really really long time...Why not just let what comes, come?  Every thing that is forged from my hands, is another example of living and working in the moment, of being present, and being the most ME I can be!

WOAH...that was kind of a long rant...anyway you get the picture, I'll be swinging my hammers and making some stuff and sharing it with you!  Thanks for checking in!

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