five, seven, five...

Haiku anyone?

Sunday funday...yes
sun, blue skies, sand, and my love
sending Aloha

I used to write a Haiku every once in a while, for no particular reason the idea would pop into my head, and I'd jot it down...It's been a few years since the last one and today when we got home from the beach, It just came to me out of nowhere, so there you are...A Sunday haiku for your reading pleasure.  I may just have to make this a weekly thing...Sunday haiku sounds kind of pleasing!

Anyhoo, today I enjoyed a sunshine picnic on a breezy North Shore beach with Joe...we read, we napped, we got some salt in our hair and came home for a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

I had some time this morning to finish up the photo-ing and listing of a few more pairs of earrings in the shop.  These earrings feature stacks of vintage coral branch beads that were given to me by my room mate...they were strung on a necklace that was his great grandmothers, who passed away last year at the age of 101!!! They were given to him, and he passed them on to me...what a wonderful gift!

I have treasured them, horded them, and am just beginning to use them in my new designs...For a while I couldn't bring myself to take the necklace apart to use them, they have so much history, and I wanted to respect that and not rush in to making something that I didn't absolutely love...these, I love! Also the idea of them leaving the family was a bit hard to swallow, he assured me that he passed them on to me with his mothers blessing and that they thought it was wonderful that these old beads will be re-born in new designs, and will end up who knows where with their new owners!!! Their color is a bright and true orangey/salmon coral and each branch is different in shape, size and texture making for an organic asymmetrical cluster, and a bright pop of color!

Ok, here's the loot...

Vintage coral with sterling hammered discs

Vintage coral with opaque lemony Jade

Small hoops with vintage coral and textured leaves

 ...And last but certainly not least (in fact these are my favorites at this particular moment).

Delicate hammered leaves with "molten silver" dangles

 This collection is quite pleasing to my eye, I love the vibrant coral color against the hammered and oxidized silver.  I've really fallen for this last pair, and forsee a whole boatload of variations on this style coming in the near future...fun times ahead in the studio this week!!!  You can go HERE and check them out with more detailed descriptions in the shop on ETSY.

In addition to busting out some more of these babies, my goal for the week is to work patiently at soldering my bezels to their base plates, and with the kind words of wisdom from one of my sisters in metal on the interwebs I should be able to call a cease fire to the war that has been waging at my soldering bench!!!!! (many thanks to Laurie for being so generous with her knowledge)

With that, I'll be signing off...I hope you are well rested and refreshed from a fabulous Sunday, and if you happen to be lucky enough to be off work tomorrow for the holiday, then I wish you happy bar-b-ques, camping, beer appreciation, and general merriment of the beginning of summer variety!!


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