Hurry up!

I am anxiously awaiting the weekend...we have a massive group of friends (30 or so), getting together to go camping! ... This is where we will be staying, and I just have to say, if you ever make it out to our beautiful island, and you want some of the "real" Hawaii, this is definitely it...they even deliver firewood to your campsite for you!!!! (you just leave a few dollars under a rock by the fire pit and when you come back from the beach, there is a massive pile of ironwood ready to make your campfire dream become a reality!).  It's been a tradition the last few years, getting together for a weekend of outdoor time, sand appreciation, surf, and general merriment!  One of the many foods that is a regular at any beach adventure in Hawaii is poke, and one of the best places on the island to get this amazing stuff is right next to the campground at this fabulous market.

Ahi Poke with sesame and avocado!
My day is draggin by slow here at work, so I'm distracting my self with some blogging and looking forward to the weekend!

I hope you have something fabulous planned for your weekend!  What's on the agenda?

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