A short re-cap

Our anniversary staycation took us about a 15 minute drive from the house to a hotel at the beach, but I felt a million miles away.  It was really fun to play tourists...to relax, drink mimosas all morning, and have a weekend all to ourselves.  To say we had a good time would truly be an understatement...this past weekend was heavy on the quality time, sunshine, swimming, cocktails and light on the picture taking/documenting of good times had.  I suppose that's a good thing...the whole point was for us to just be together, enjoy each others company and celebrate US, and the past three years of love, friendship, and good times...

There were a few things that we needed to check off out list...

Mimosas with raspberries...check!

Basketball appreciation...check!  This was one of the unexpected highlights of the weekend, drinking mimosas from the pull-out couch while yelling at the t.v. was much more fun than expected!

Beach strolling at sunset...check!

A fabulous meal somewhere new...check!

Smiles and a bit of tipsy laughter all while enjoying the best sushi in town...check!

This creation was delicious...fresh ginger, lemon juice, tonic and basil!  YUM!

I really had such a fabulous time, the past three years have been amazing and I do believe we did them justice by having so much fun celebrating!  I think this little staycation may have to become a tradition...



  1. Beautiful! Truly a relaxed pace in your part of the country ahhhhhh....Happy anniversary(I love the no-stressed-ness of staycations)!!

    Michelle :)

  2. The staycation was so relaxing...this was the first time we've done this kind of adventure, and it will definitely not be the last!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my little bloggy universe!!! Aloha Michelle :)