Sunday...in pictures

We cleaned, scrubbed, vacuumed,  re-organize, re-decorated, spray painted a few old picture frames so that they were ready for their new homes on the walls, and along the way I took some pictures...Oh! and I finished a nice hand full of jewelry projects yesterday, some with pictures that came out ok, and some that just refused to be photographed nicely! 

Joe chatting with her Mom

Front porch garden collection

Beautifully pink and green Ti plants, I love their skinny leaves!

Our mini fish pond

Blue toenails and morning light in the bedroom

Newly painted dresser and a cup of coffee

Soursap/Chermoya from our tree!!!!!!

Soursap/Chermoya and Papaya

Broken surfboard as garden shelf

New shoes and no shoes

A freshly re-planed Aloe and A freshly applied gloss of bright blue paint

We took a break from the cleaning and watched an episode of Ab-Fab

Sterling Silver Domed Disc Earrings with Antique Coral

Sterling Silver Domed Disc Earrings with Chrysoprase

A little too dark in the corner, but....

Ocean Jasper Necklace with a couple random dangles

Hope you had a relaxing weekend!  We played "Hawaiian Snow Day" which basically means that we allowed the continuous rain to keep us at home, busy with projects.  Yesterday was equally rainy and I spent about 8 hours in the studio, I finished 8 pairs of earrings and one necklace...I was struggling with getting my bezels to solder onto their base plates.  This was extremely annoying and I was unable to make any of the other three projects I was working on to come together past the first step.  I forsee many hours this week working on bezels, trying to perfect my skills, and sweating, and cursing, and trying to turn my frown upside down!!!!!!!  I am choosing to see this recent technical difficulty as a blessing rather than a curse, now I can focus on this one particular skill and put all my energy toward it!!!!!!  I KNOW that I will master it, I WILL be victorious!!!!!!  I will not curse at my soldering station under my breath, I will nurture my abilities and they will grow (this is me telling myself to stay positive, and not let my frustration get the best of me).

I'm off to put the finishing touches on a pair of earrings...
Have a pleasant evening!

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