Jewelry Preview...and a gift from Mom

While I was visiting with my parents my mom passed on a necklace of hers to me.  It's a beautiful chunky natural coral piece, she's had it forever and of course I always loved it!  We often trade jewels when we get together, I always make sure to bring many items with me when I go so that we can look through each others collection and offer something up to each other.  It's been fun since I started silver smithing, she is so excited to see my creations and I can't wait to show her everything!  Mom picked out a few items while I was there, and she left me with this fabulous necklace...I have been staring at it on my dresser since I got home! 


I love my bedroom curtain

 In other departments...New loot in the shop~!

I just finished photographing a handful of earrings and a necklace for the ETSY shop!  I'm really loving this collection of items, the domed disc earrings are a second generation of this design...for these I used vintage coral beads on one pair, and a beautifully green Chrysoprase for the other pair.  I decided to do one set without any beads, for those who prefer their silver "straight up"!   Also there is a fabulously strange pair of textured leaf dangles that are suspended from a small domed disc, they kind of remind me of some kind of fairy tale beetle bug, with a very strong armor!!!  The necklace features a beautiful oval Ocean Jasper, with deep green, little mustard colored polka dots and a ribbon of milky whitish crystallization through the middle.  

Silver Disc Earrings with Chrysoprase Dangles

Thanks for taking the time to look through my new loot!  It's really quite rewarding to see it all finished, photographed, described, and offered up to the world!  I was telling my mom that even if nothing ever sells and nobody reads the blog I still love all of it.  I'm just so happy to be creating these objects, and the act of doing it is such an amazing experience...I love the challenges along the way and seeing a pile of "stuff" end up being these amazing pieces of wearable art.

Signing off with a cramp in my shoulder from sitting here to long...



  1. Beautiful work - I especially like the earrings with the tiny beads.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by...and for the earring love!