Correspondence of the hand written variety

Does anyone ever write letters anymore?  I used to love to write letters, its been so long since I have done so regularly, way too long!  Last week I made up some postcards with photos I have taken, it was super easy to edit the pictures and order them through a link I found on picnik.com.

When they arrived I was super stoked to see my own pictures ready to be popped in the mail to far off locations...I picked out a few really great pictures of my friends dog, and thought it would be cute to send her a few of these in her new home in Chicago.  Yesterday I sat down for a bit of letter writing, I wrote a handful of cards to friends all over the country...thinking how excited they would be when they opened their post box to see a little note from me!  After I had them all piled up ready for their stamps I was reading through what I had written and had a realization...my handwriting is AWFUL!!!!!  I could barely read what I had written...so how could I expect mi amigas to be able to read it!  I think it has been far too long since I wrote anything, my hands are out of practice.  It looks like I was rushing to save my own life as I was writing, the letters blended together in some kind of messy combo of cursive and block lettering...SO, I've made a vow to bring the writing of letters, that ancient tactile correspondence back into my life.  I will take my time, carefully crafting my words, and enjoy the process...The best part of the whole thing is knowing that my little chicken scratched notes to my loved ones will be received with surprised smiles when they are received!  Anyone else want to join the revolution?  I think I need a few pen pals to get me started...I will be ordering a boatload more postcards today, and have decided to make this a weekly habit, to sit, to write, to keep in touch, to enjoy the feeling of the pen in my hand and to send out little love notes of friendship around the globe!

Happy Wednesday to all...Aloha!


In other news, today I'm sporting my favorite pair of sandals...they make me happy when I look down at my feet! 


  1. Real letters are the cherry on top.

  2. They sure are...I think this little project is going to make me very happy! Thanks a million for stopping by, I still get really excited when anyone reads this thing! Happy Wednesday!