Camping+lighning storm=bonding

Camping was a blast, as usual!  It rained a bit, but we avoided being totally flooded out of our campsite.  It was actually kinda fun...we put the pop-up tents together in a cluster, gathered round the cooler and the food and stayed mostly dry!  More than anything, It was a really good excuse to stand around, chat, drink beer, grill some food, and generally enjoy each others company.  The rain was really no big deal, and the bonus was getting to watch the most amazing lightning show I have ever seen...we took a walk over to the beach and could see the lightning hitting the ocean.  There were hundreds of lightning strikes on Saturday night, and they were hitting the water from all directions, it was so cool to see them sparking up between the clouds and then coming together and hitting the water.
I have to say this is my favorite crew of campers...we are connected through our friends that are moving back to the mainland at the end of the month, and this was our celebration and send off!  I love it when friendships overlap, and you get to integrate a whole new group of people into the circle...I will miss my friends dearly when they go, but now we will have another amazing weekend of memories, and new friends to keep us all connected!

Cara explaining the ever so complicated rules of Corn-Hole, (throw the bag of corn into the hole)

Surprise!  Clint flew in from LA!

Nap time

My camera is busted...It had a bit of an accident about five hours into our trip, this will prove to be an annoying and expensive issue as I get back into the studio this week and will need to take pictures of new jewelry.  A friend is letting me use his until I can figure out where my new camera is coming from!

Happy Tuesday!

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