Champagne in a jar...classy!

...Champagne on ice with frozen blueberries!!   I'm not a good drinker...I have no tolerance for one, and usually end up needing a nap after more than three beers, but I do have a few weaknesses.  One is for a good glass of whiskey on ice, preferably Jameson or Makers Mark, weakness #2 is champagne...this one happened to be a bit on the sweet side so I added a handful of ice and a few frozen berries!!! YUM, I highly recommend this as a refreshing summer evening drink!

I can't remember if I mentioned it before but my camera is out of commission, and a dear friend lent me his for a while (thanks Casey!).  I've been playing with it and using the macro setting, getting used to using it for jewelry shots.  

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I really like the way these last two turned out, the blurry lights and the angle...kind of what it looked like from my view after putting away almost the whole bottle of champagne! 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. i love the photos too!
    (i am really wanting to get a macro lense)

    also, i have a ball jar and some prosecco&blackberries in the fridge ...

    see that, you are an instigator!!!


  2. Oh! that sounds fabulous! I LOVE Proseco, and with blackberries is even better!