On Monday I finished this ring!!!!

This was a very big accomplishment for me in the land of silver smithing...I had been struggling with some soldering skills this past month and had increasing levels of frustration!   Well, I'm here to say that it was an uphill battle, but the battle has been won and VICTORY is mine!!!!!

...When I visited with my parents in April I showed my mom a similar design I had made and she fell in love with it, so I wanted to make one like it for her.  It feels so special to be able to craft something from scratch with someone specific in mind...all the hours spent working on it, the sweat from my brow while I worked with the torch, the energy I put into creating it are all a part of this piece now, and I hope she can feel that. 

My mom is my biggest supporter and most enthusiastic fan, the emails she sends me when I forward her pics of my new creations have more exclamation points and smiley faces than even I use...which is really saying something!  This baby will be on its way to Palm Springs, to it's new home on mi madre's finger...I really hope it fits!  I've been realizing that ring sizing is really a delicate science for a beginning smither...I know her size, and also know that when crafting a wide band ring shank that they will fit a bit more snug, so I HOPE that my calculations worked out and that it will slip onto her finger and feel right!  If not, it will be on its way back to me and I'll make another for her...but I have a good feeling about this one, it was meant for her!

I'll be riding my creative high on through the weekend and hope to start work on a few more like this, as well as a custom necklace version for a very dear friend...


  1. Congrats lady! I'm air-fist-pumping my torch over here for you!

  2. Many thanks sister!!! I was doing a dance with mine when everything FINALLY soldered on...VICTORY!!!!!!

  3. You can't see it, but I'm smiling...muchas gracias!