A few thoughts...

We spent the day with our friends two teenage daughters and one of their friends, we took them to the beach, ate ice cream, and came back to the house for a bit of girlie time, aka we painted out toes!  It was full on lady-time at the casa, three teen-agers, Jo and I, and one of our commune neighbors got in on the action as well...The youngest, Ashley is quite a talented artist and her talents extend to the arts of toenail beautification, she did quite a lovely job on Jo's toes!  That fish even has a mohawk!!!

I decided to go with a nice rich blue...I never paint my nails, it never lasts that long since I'm in and out of the studio all the time, but I'm really loving having "fancy" fingers, so I think its time to bring back the nail polish!

The clouds were a sight to behold, big poufs, little poufs, floating high above the water and clumping together slowly in the soft breeze...it was one of those days where I found myself just staring up and watching them change shape against the amazingly blue sky.  Jo likes to play "hey look at that, it's a...____________".  You know, that game where someone calls out what they see in a cloud formation and when you look up to see what they are talking about you can't tell what they're talking about...maybe they saw a teapot, and in your eyes it's obviously not, it's a turtle!!!!!  It's hard enough to do this on a calm day but with the wind sweeping the cloud shapes away so quickly it pretty hard to agree on anything we saw...teapot or turtle, it was still beautiful!

One final musing...today I opened up my email to find not only did a friend purchase a pair of earrings from my shop on ETSY, but I had TWO convos in my inbox...one from a returning customer wanting to get a piece for her mom and another from a lovely soul who was asking if I could reserve something for her.   This is a really big deal in my world!!!!!!!!!!  I am so grateful for the ETSY community, and for these lovely, beautiful ladies whom I have never met!  This is my first time having someone want to reserve an item, and also a first in having a customer return to order another of the same item...her mom had borrowed her earrings and wanted a pair of her own!  I'm riding high on customer appreciation, and cannot believe how awesome it is that these women see the beauty in my creations and want to support my work!  I am literally getting teary eyed sitting here writing about it!  I want to shout out a HUGE thank you to the universe for bringing all these women into my life, for bringing YOU into my life and for the opportunity to create from my heart and share it with the world...it just feels so damn good!  Thanks lovely ladies of the interwebs, for reading my thoughts, for supporting the work of my heart, and for being my newest friends!!!!

I hope your Tuesday offers you as lovely a surprise as mine has...Aloha!


  1. Oh gosh Sierra, those clouds and ocean views are stunning, you had no other choice when it came to polish color me thinks.

    xo Ro

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Ro!!!! Agreed...there seems to be something about that sky that has affected all my color preferences lately, I was never so passionate about blue before...now I can't get enough if it!