I got a few pieces back from a gallery...they had been there for quite some time and I decided I wanted to get them back, give them some love, and offer them up for sale in the shop.  The colors are really perfect for this time of year, they seem to embody the spirit of summer...fun, colorful, easy, and sure to brighten your day~

Green seems to be the theme...I can't get enough of it, in any shade, in any shape...
I've got a handful of more items to photograph and list in the next day or so. 

In other workshop related news, I'm having a blast working with some very special stones I got at Studio Delucca in Long Beach when I was there in April for a workshop...on the bench now is a lovely tall oval Chrysoprase, an oddly shaped and beautifully veined turquoise, and also finally an amazing Botswana agate.  I am having a burst of creativity when it comes to setting these stones, and finally I've got the proper skills to be successful at making bezels...THANK GAWD!!!!! 

Signing off...have a lovely Thursday whatever you do, and if you need a bit more sunshine in your life, we've got plenty around here, I'll gladly send you some to put some rosy on your cheeks!

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