Gifts from the North...

I love my neighborhood ohana...
we trade fruits and veggies from the garden,
 we borrow an egg or a cup of flour here and there...
We often share dinners on the front porch, each household bringing something to the table.
 Liquor cabinets and coolers are always on the "open door policy"...

Even the boyfriend of one of these members of my neighborhood family is in on the deal...
The most recent bounty we received was a whole salmon!!!!!
Freshly caught, with his own two hands, in his own boat,
on a trip home to Alaska.


This afternoon we picked up some bagels,  I flaked some of the leftover salmon with 
cream cheese, and green onions from the garden, sliced a bit of
cucumber and tomato...and poof!

It was good...

The commune has been good to us, the people it continually brings into
my life are amazing!  The spirit of Aloha is alive and well at this place...I hope you
can come over some day and see for yourselves!!!!

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