I woke up to the sounds of rain...and thank god!!!! Yesterday was HUMID, HOT, and SWEATY...summer in Hawaii gets very still sometimes and I often end up going to bed with an ice pack on my head to keep cool while I fall asleep.  I love it when it pours...that it can be raining so hard, the grey sky thick with clouds, and still be 85 degrees outside.  Maybe it's all those years I lived in Seattle, I still find myself felling extra cozy and wanting to stay home all day and do any of the ten thousand projects I've got going on at any time.  Then I seem to realize, "oh, it's really not cold outside...I don't have to hide in the house"!   Yesterday it was so hot and sticky in the afternoon...it finally starting dumping rain and Jo and I ran outside and played like kids in the yard, we took it as a great opportunity to wash the car, play with the hose, and generally forget we are mid-thirties and act like kids in the sprinkler...and DAMN, it felt good!

 This morning I received a lovely note from a customer who was thrilled with her recent earring purchase...I could see her smiling through the words in her email and it made me so grateful!!!!!  Grateful that I can have a connection to all you lovely ladies and gents out there in the universe, grateful that the work of my hands can make someone smile, and most of all grateful that I am lucky enough to be able practice this craft that I love so much.  I'll be riding high on this correspondence for the rest of the day as I bang away in the studio...

I hope your Wednesday stays cool and comfortable, and if you get too hot might I suggest some ice cold water with a heavy squirt of lime juice...


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