I recently completed an interesting custom project...the re-furbishing of a vintage pair of eyeglasses.  These belong to my dads best friend...Uncle Allan.  Lets let the photos do most of the explanation shall we ~!!!!



When these came to me they were missing one of the decorative pieces that wraps around from the arm to the front of the glasses.  The one that was left was in perfect shape so I could easily use it as a guide for making the new pieces.  I don't know why, ( well actually I could think of more than a few reasons, but...) I was so nervous about making this project.  There were a zillion possibilities of ways to design the new pieces and I wanted him to really love the way it turned out and want to wear his new glasses!!  In addition to his full time career my hilarious Uncle is an actor and gifted musician...his glasses are part of his look!!!  
Once I got the package sent off I realized how fun it was to do something outside the regular "jewelry box".  I kind of want to do it again, I think I'll have to tell him to send me those glasses once a year for a design re-do!!!

I realize now after loading these pictures that I only took close ups, and missed the overall shot...oops!  You get the idea though...

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