More Ear Candy!!

A quickie preview of what I finished up today...

I seem to be brimming with ideas this week, it's a great feeling...to sit down at the bench with a plan, and then to see the fruits of my labor.  Working in my studio is the perfect combination of zone out meditation, and intense focus.  I find myself completely lost in the "doing" of whatever task is at hand, bouncing back and forth around the room doing little bits of this here and that there...I find that my mind seldom wanders to the daily bits of life, all my worries fly out the window and I can simply "be".

The past few days have been a blessing in terms of creativity and productivity, I am so grateful...

P.S.  These should make their way to The Shop by the weekend!

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  1. There's nothing like "flow' nothing! Pretty things Sierra, nice work.