Sunday Polo Match

...And Champagne Cocktails!!!

On the North Shore of our beautiful island there are a handful of stables and horse ranches that are right on the beach...one of these hosts polo matches through the summer and into the fall.  Every Sunday they open the gates at 12pm and the locals start rollin' in.  Once you get through the gate you can drive your car around the far side of the field and find a spot that calls to you...right above the line where the sand ends and the trees start is where you park, set up camp, and commence the tail-gate!!!!  I don't know how it is on the mainland, and my only references here are that scene from Pretty Woman, but here in Hawaii a Polo match means friends, food, beach, cocktails and a little bit of horse/sportsman appreciation.  I have to tell you though, the bubbly went straight to my head and at one point we looked over and realized that the match was over...Oops! 

Needless to say it was another beautiful day in paradise! 

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