Today will be filled with packing, organizing, finishing up the last minute touches on some jewelry projects, errands, and plan making for my trip to Seattle...I've got all my jewelry spread out, awaiting a once-over to make sure they are all polished and looking their best for their party on Sunday.  It's so fun to see everything all laid out and in one big pile...Did I really make all of that???

I'm looking forward to a successful trunk show on Sunday and while i still get a bit nervous before showing any of my work, I'm really excited about this batch of goodies, I hope they will be well received and that a few special ladies find a piece that speaks to them...I tend to get a little list crazy in the moments right before leaving, wanting to make sure I don't forget anything crucial, especially when I'm bringing jewelry along...So last night I made my lists, and today I can do like this little guy and relax, smile, and enjoy what the day brings!

I hope you catch a few moments of Zen today, let him be your guide, he seems to know the way!

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