I am filled to the brim, okay actually maybe overflowing with love, friendship and general warm fuzzies of many kinds...I feel that I cannot adequately express in words the amazing-ness (not a real word) of my trip to Seattle.   There were multiple weddings, too many cups of perfectly delicious coffee to count, tears of love and joy for the amazing friendships in my life...

I've got a TON of photos to share and not enough words to tell the world how I feel about the events that they document...So pardon the lack of explanations that will accompany these next few posts...

Visiting my former home in Seattle was so wonderful, I think I must have brought the sunshine with me beacause we had 19 days of blazing sunshine and 80+ degree weather...AMAZING!!!!!

To say I laughed a lot would be a gross understatement, to say I cried a lot would make it sound like I was sad, and to try and sum up the gratitude I have for my dearest, oldest, bestest friends with a few pictures and words does not even begin to describe how I feel...

Among other things, I feel recharged and renewed in a way that makes me not only ready but excited to be home and to get back to my life here.  I feel so strong in my conviction that my moving here three and a half years ago was the BEST thing I could have EVER done for myself...I always wonder when I go back to visit if this trip will make me miss it more, make me want to come back, or make me question my decision to leave.  While I am still in love with Seattle and probably always will be, I know that this is where I am meant to be...here in my own little corner of paradise, with the most amazingly fabulous woman on earth!!!

Ok, that went on a bit long...sorry!

Best hom-bow EVER!

Elderflower cordial and champagne cocktail...The Pink Door

An old friend suggested that we reunite during a trip to a blueberry farm...Yes Please!!!!  It's amazing the conversations you have with a long time friend while nibbling the succulent globes of goodness straight from the bush.  I think I must have been smiling the entire time we were there...Gorgeous blue Pacific Northwest skies, sun shining on my head, the majestic mountain ahead of us, and acres and acres of the lovely blue fruits!!!!!  Not to mention two of my best "brothers" at my side...It was a good day.

P.S.  It just so happens that blueberries are my absolute favorite fruit, we went to a beautiful farm out in North Bend and picked 8lbs of berries!!!!  The mountain in the back is Mt. Si...Isn't she gorgeous!

 Happy Saturday!


  1. Seattle... I miss her so deeply that somedays it pains me. I don't know if we are forever done or if our path will lead us back. I wouldn't mind a bit.

  2. I feel that pain too...she was a a large lump in my throat and a heavy weight in my chest the whole time I was in town...the beautiful sunshine and blue skies made it worse/better! I will always have a place in my heart for her...