A few shots from around the house...and a few randoms!

Mom and Dad came to town to cheer me up and offer up a little extra TLC!

I must be feeling better, I've been taking pleasure in the small things...Such as taking pictures, and working on some jewelry projects in the studio!  It feels great to be back in action...now I just need to keep my patience hat on for the rest of the healing process, keep stretching my leg, and stay positive! 

I got some nice work done in the studio this week as well...I found myself making loops and links by the hundreds...well maybe not hundreds, but I made a TON!

They ended up in a trio of necklaces...

 I've been experimenting with some new picture taking ideas, including actually using myself as a model for the necklace shots...I'm not usually a fan of myself in ANY pictures let alone ones that will be up on the internet for all to see, but I kind of like the way these turned out, and it's kind of cool for me to see my work and me in the same picture!!!!

This trio of neck adornments just found their way into the shop...It was really hard not to keep one for myself.  I always say that I'll go back and make myself another of this or that favorite item, the reality is that I have so many ideas in my head I can rarely contain them, let alone put them aside for a while and duplicate something.  These babies will be missed, but I hope they find just the right neck to decorate!



  1. Look how pretty you are, and those beautiful necklaces - I hope you feel better soon. The healing process is so full of spikes and dives: hang in there, you'll be better than before when it's all said and done.

  2. Thanks for the love Allison, and for the healing encouragement...I'm getting there day by day, i'm just so happy to be back at the bench making a mess with my tools! Happiest of holidays to all of you at Sunny Rising Hale, give that baby bump a good luck rub for me!