There seems to be a lack of all things Jewish here in Hawaii...I am aware of this and know that I need to do my part and plan ahead for holiday traditions etc.  Unfortunately I regretted to get on the Hanukkah candle band wagon quickly enough, and seem to have missed the boat!  How is it possible that there are no candles for the menorah left on the island?  It seems I will be constructing some sort of make shift menorah out of taper candles shoved into house plants...I'm thinking I'll line them up in the sideboard in the living room and just stick a few candles in, that ought to do it!

In other holiday celebration news, Jo busted out the mini tree last week and it has bee sitting sadly naked in the corner...today she lit it up, added some silvery swag and viola...

I took a bunch of pictures, and they all looked AWFUL...except these blurry ones!!! Something about them looks just right to me, I can almost smell the fireplace that we don't have.  Christmastime in Hawaii is awesome for many reasons, but I have to say I wouldn't be too sad if I happened to be somewhere cold next year, celebrating in the cold, curled up with some hot cocoa by the fire!

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