Plus One...

Guess what? 

We got a dog!!!!! 

His name is Max, and obviously he is freakin' adorable...I know you were already thinking that.  The best part is that he has such a great personality, sleeps like a log at night and has only barked ONCE in three days!!!!  I can't wait to get to know this little soul and I'm so happy to have him in our family!  Also, he is a Golden Retriever/Chihuahua mix...not to be dirty or anything, but that must have been some crazy canine fornication!

Also, I seem to be a bit excited about more geometric shapes in the studio lately,  especially triangles and rectangles...not sure where that came from, but I've been rollin' with it the past few days.

I seems I have neglected to photograph the rectangles, we'll get to them another day...

One final note...I ordered the most amazing calender from The Talented Miss Umber Dove!!!!!!  The studio has been a mess since before I was injured, I have been slowly chipping away at re-orgainizing and re-decorating.  When this beauty arrived I couldn't wait to bust out the green washi tape and get that baby up on the wall!   It arrived a few weeks ago, and I just got around to putting it up in the long wall in my studio last week.

I love having all that gorgeous, rich, happy, love infused color in the room...

The light in there is awful and I struggle with my lighting options while working at the bench, so needless to say that photographing anything is this room is a nightmare.  All of that to say, please excuse the bad photos!


  1. Hello, Max! He's beautiful, Sierra, seriously :)
    As is the calendar (I have the Umber Year in my studio, too!)
    and your impending designs: cannot wait to see what you make :)

  2. He's snuggled at our feet right now sleeping like a baby! Mahalo for stopping by to send us your love...Aloha mamacita!

  3. Yup he's cute as a button indeed, I always love those little mixes, little" Maxes"
    Have fun, can't wait to see what you have in mind with your metal.
    The calender is lovely.


  4. Ahhhh! Lady, this makes my DAY! SHAZZAM! And welcome to the little man - puppies... you know where I stand on that one. ;)