Rectangles and Seed Beads...

These are not my usual things...

I'm not sure where this geometric kick came from, but I'm rollin' with it!  I finished up a batch of new necklaces, and they are quite different from my usual work, a little more "dainty" (dare I say it)...Also I dipped into my stash of TINY seed beads in the most amazing shades of green.  I've been holding on to them forever, and suddenly the other day they called to me! 

Will you just look at those colors!!!!!!  It's all I can do to contain myself from making strands of these by the dozens and piling them on all at once...I just love the way these colors look together!

I just added these to the shop along with these babies...

My favorite faceted turquoise beads from New Mexico

Stay tuned for triangles...Coming your way this week!

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