Many many moons ago we planted a banana tree in our yard.  If you've never experienced the GOODNESS that is an apple banana, let me tell you, once you've had one, you'll never go back!
They are smaller, and usually a bit more chubby than your standard Dole variety from your local grocery store.   They are so sweet, but not in the same way as the usual banana...there is a tartness and crispness of flavor that comes with these lovely specimens.  After four years of living in Hawaii, I just can't enjoy the "old" ones anymore...Something about the type of sweetness is just too much for me, it's like a too sugary cookie or something, all I taste is the sweet and not the flavor.  I've been dreaming of my own tree of little bananas forever, and I'm so stoked the the time is NOW!!!!

After waiting patiently for what seemed like forever, we finally saw the first sproutings of the flower, then we waited, holding our breath for the little "fingers" to start forming.  One day we declared, "It's ON!!!!", the banana babies had begun their life...NOW, this week we finally trimmed off the "heart" as the local farmers call it, that huge purple flower that was dangling from below.  One of Jo's patients at the hospital from Kauai told her to cut it off and then wait a few days before harvesting the first spiral of nannas.  So I think today is the day we cut those suckers down!!  I cannot wait to taste the goodness...Bananas make a ton of "keiki" or babies, meaning that they send out runners and new plants sprout up every few days, we were told to cut all but one, let it get going for a few weeks and then let one more grow, and so on, so that we always have some in rotation...Sounds good to me!
I'll report back when we've eaten a few and give you the flavor report!

Also there has been mucho dog appreciation, many moments spent staring at his adorable face, telling him he's the best little guy in the world, and general freaking out over the cuteness.  Also, his first trip to the beach (hilarious), and general household goings on, including a Super Bowl half-time dance party, and a very mellow birthday celebration.

Crazy dead tree colors at Waimanalo

Bday coffee with my best boy Casey, and THIS awesome new bag courtesy of a Heather!
Rollin' to Target for some Bday browsing and errands

Sushi date with the Mrs.
Super Bowl halftime appreciation/dance-a-long with the neighbors.

My attempt at healthful football snacks!

It's been a great week, and every day that goes by I am continually thankful for my ability albeit stifled a bit, to walk, swim, and go downstairs to do the laundry.  I am fighting my small moments of frustration, emotion and sadness, but all in all things are looking up!  I signed up for a booth at the North Shore Country Market this weekend!!!! Im super excited, hopefully this will become a weekly endeavor...Updates to come!

Happy Aloha Thursday!


  1. Yamyammies!!!! It took long enough! Wish I could come over hug you, play with the dog, model some gorgeous creations, eat some bananas, get some tummy rubs and feel the sun and ocean on my skin! I miss you!!!!

  2. Also...It took long enough for you to finally get your s%$t together and leave a comment!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE are so stoked on banana babies, I'll send you some taste-o-vision once we peel back the yellow goodness!

  3. Great blog entry, Sierra! Love the pictures and that adorable pup of yours. Dogs are the best! Enjoy those yummy-looking bananas... sending love....

  4. Oh I'd like to try one of those home grown bananas, I'm eating honey mandarins from my garden, eating local, both of us, enjoy!!!!

    Love that pup, too cute.


    1. HOney Mandarins sound amazing! We also have a mystery citrus tree that has yet to fruit! Im hoping for grapefruit...

      Healey! Thanks for stopping by, Im so happy to have this furry bundle in my life...He definitley has made this part of my recovery a lot happier!