This week in pictures...

Newly obsessed by this little guy

Couch napping...

His favorite perch, Uncle Chris' bed with a view of the street

A trip the the hardware store for stuff...I got sore and took a rest on one of those massage chairs and waited for Jo to get the rest of our stuff.  It's nice to have a helper!

Table cloth creation for my booth at the market

A bit of previewing jewels here on the blog

Coffee date with my favorite guy...
Sporting one of the new creations

Mostly I love the orange background

First time trying out my new silver nail polish...LOVE

Jewelry at the market, the photo's were BAD, I only got a few

Loving the blurry-ness and colors in the relflection

Hello there...Outside the venue where the market was held

Moody Blues on the wall outside the coffee shop

The market went very well, there were a TON of people at the even, great music and a bar!  I didn't sell a whole lot but I had a blast socializing and networking with the other vendors, getting a bit of advice on how to get my items in to some local shops, and running in to a few random people I never expected to see there.  I will be doing this again next month and I hope that the added exposure will help me work on growing my business...I have so many ideas of how i want this business to be, and places I want to sell my creations, but I just don't really know how to go about it.  In the mean time while I try and figure some of this out, I am also looking in to setting up a booth at one of the markets on the North Shore...hopefully that will get going in the next few weeks. 

I was so sore and exhausted from being so busy in the studio, and from the event itself...I've been getting stronger in the past few weeks, but the seven hours we were there really took it out of me.  I slept like a log after the show!!!!

I've just finished listing a few rings in the shop , now off to take more photos of the items I made for the market, and get them listed too!


  1. Currently workin' on the gettin' of 'em...I WILL make this shit successful!!!! Pardone moi, I'm all fired up now...in a good way! Aloha!