Daytime Date Adventures

The other day Jo and I set off to run some errands, I needed a new torch, we were hunting for a mirror for the bedroom and one for the studio, and a few other stops here and there.  Along the way errands turned into random driving through an industrial part of town, checking out warehouses, enjoying the discovery of new parts of town that neither of us had been to.  These are my favorite "Dates" with my lady, its all about the random that pops up along the way and generally enjoying each others company...

One turn down a small side street turned into afternoon cocktails at La Mariana, Honolulu's original tiki bar and sailing club, opened in 1957!

Lilikoi margarita, frothy, icy, tart and with a salted rim...YES!

Post lazing and cocktailing we headed to the local recycled building materials warehouse to hunt for I don't even know what...I kind of just like to get lost in there and browse all the old stuff and wait for inspiration.  I need to create some frame like display things for my table at the market, not really sure of my vision exactly, so I was just having fun soaking it all in for inspiration!  We did find some tiny turquoise glass tiles that I fell in love with and have no clue what to do with...Might have to go back for those!

These random date days are always the best, most often they take us places we never would have gone had we set out with a plan...for some reason it's always so much more enjoyable when it's a surprise!  Jo admitted later that her secret plan was to take me to La Mariana, and POW...it happened!  Love that lady!

Later I cracked out on re-"planting" some air plants and a tiny jade plant in some treasures I picked up at the market last week...vintage tiki cups!  RE-arranging plants always turns into moving around all of the decor in the living room and adding and subtracting tchochkies in every corner, on every surface...It's so nice to come back into the room and see it with fresh eyes, newly loved and curated!

The perfect hairdo for the tiki dude!

This little guy is my fave.  Hand made tiki cup with a great scary little face!

I've got a handful of half finished silvery bits on the bench, a few custom orders, and a head full of ideas...I hope to get some work done after I get home from "work" tonight so I can have some fresh, new creations for the market tomorrow! Sending love for your Friday...Aloha!


  1. I like those kind of rambling dates.

    Th tiki bar is so kitschy and cool, I hope they had some Don Ho playing, umbrella drinks for sure. :P

    Oh man I love that turquoise couch!!


  2. Ah, seriously the BEST kind of dates. Hey! Let's four meet up in Seattle sometime for a double date of the random sort!

  3. RO, this place is like a time capsule!

    Umber! I'd love to double date with you! I'm waiting to hear back about a show I applied for this summer, and will be in town for a wedding in mid-july, just waiting to hammer out the dates...

    XOXO ladies!