Hi there! 
I've been organizing and re-decorating the studio lately, and what a difference it made!  I cleared the clutter, and am ready to sit down to work with a clear vision and a head full of ideas!

I've just finished with a mountain of steel wool, applying the patina to a handful of earrings for a custom order.  My fingers are blackened and dry from the oxidation and steel wool, my lovely manicure from the weekend is now officially on its last legs...

I finished this ring a while back and have had it on my table for the markets, It hasn't made it's way to ETSY yet, but I'm working on it.  The rain and cloudy skies are putting a dent in my photo taking plans this morning...So I'll be taking it for a spin today around town, and infusing it with a little extra love!

Earring creation madness continues to roll on strong in the studio!  I've got a few pieces ready for the shop, they just need to smile pretty for the camera and we are ready to go...In other news, we've also been cleaning up the garden, re-potting and bringing some new plants in to the house.  One of the best parts of living here is that we can go out to the yard, take a few cuttings, plant some pots and bring some new plants inside!  There's not really a difference between indoor and outdoor plants around here...There's nothing like some new greenery to spruce up the living areas and bring in a nice pop of colorful life to the indoors...I'm kind of obsessed with adding to the collection!


Happy Tuesday...



  1. Hi Sierra,
    Your beautiful little ring is now wrapped around my finger as I type this. It was on a sunny Sunday morning at the Sunset beach flea market that I discovered your wonderful talent. I have to tell you that I get (well, YOU get) about three or four compliments each time I wear this beauty. It was great talking with you. I look forward to seeing all the other treasure that you are yet to create. Maholo! :) robin

    1. Robin!!!!! Thank you so much! I was just thinking of you the other day while making a similar ring, Im so happy you have been enjoying wearing it and that you stopped by to say hello! Please keep in touch!